Just a minute here ol’ chap. Dear Father Time, how quickly has the time passed? What did you do with it? I cannot believe that I leave in a week! In exactly seven days I will have all my bags packed, and be boarding a flight to San Diego, getting ready for Semester at Sea. Most likely, I will be spending an obscene amount of hours, yet quality time, at the Airport just trying to get into the United States, while cozying up with all the security men who are enforcing all those crazy new restrictions!

This trip that I have waited and preparing for, for a good four years now has literally creeped up on me, and is just around the corner. I don’t even really feel ready for it. The nerves are beginning to settle in, as I am trying to say goodbye to some dear friends, and trying to organize the final tidbits!

On another note… Good news has reached me and I found out what trips I got confirmed in!

Honolulu, Hawaii
HON 03: Pearl Harbour’s Arizona Memorial and City- Tour Gr A
HON 16: Snorkelling Adventure

Vietnam/ Cambodia
HCM 24: Cambodia: Phnom Penh & Angkor Wat- Group C

South Africa
CAP 13: Three-Day Safari to Kapama (River Lodge)

You better watch yourself Cambodia, I’ll be visiting you soon. Oh, and don’t worry, I will watch my back while I’m on the Safari. (Hoping I see a Giraffe!)

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