I don’t know about you, but I find it almost impossible to write in my own home. It’s only when i’m abroad that the ideas start flowing, and the pages of my journal fill up the quickest. The thoughts and words begin to flow out of me in a hurried attempt to record them all on paper. I have stricktly sworn to only write in pencil, as more than 90% of my numerous journals are all only written in pencil. Pens are the enemy; they bleed when it rains, and smudge when your hand carries over them. It is impossible to take back a mistake without scribbling it out and making your journal look like chicken scratch. Yes, a pencil has the capability of fading, but atleast it is possible to erase a mistake or mis-spelled word.

The journal is also a very important asset. In 2009 I have completed over 5 journals with more information, knowledge and thoughts than I have ever written down in all my life. Each journal is different, ranging in prices from $1 at the dollar store to over $100 when the mood strikes. Some are hand made Italian leather, other’s are designer name brands. Latley there has been the occasional spiral notebook, a flimsy cardboard binding or a journal that is litterally bursting at the seams about to explode, which is now held together by duct tape and elastic bands. However, I have yet to try the famous Moleskin journal, that I always hear raving reviews about.

With my journal and pencil by my side at any waking moment, the mood to write can and usually does strike me at any time. Nevertheless, this passion seems to be limited and selective. When in the comforts of my childhood home, writing is the last thing on my mind. I am much to distracted by the out of proportion media coverage of celebrities on the television. So, I need to leave the comforting distractions of my home to find a sense of tranquility and balance within myself. Where do I go?

1) Coffee Shop, Airport Terminal, a Food Court: The distractions and loud, chaotic noises of some of these locations gives me a sense of balance. I am inspired by the simplest thing, as a large hobby of mine is to people-watch. I once sat in a little Airport Restaurant in Rome, waiting for my flight that was delayed 6 hours. I spent 4 of those hours writing about the people I saw, simply studying them. When I was done, it made a great rough draft for character profiles I could use in future works of literature.

2) My Desk: I know what you’re thinking: I just said I can not write at home. Which is true, but the desk at my apartment away from my mother’s house is another place of solitude. My apartment has no cable, up until recently we had no couches, there was no heating, and being a student, food was limited. All I had was my school work, so to keep myself from going mad, writing (which the occasional party:D) kept me sane. Turns out, that by writing at the same time everyday in the same place, it becomes habit, and the words flow.

3) Abroad: I mentioned it earlier. When your experiencing new cultures, new architecture, foreign destinations, your overwhelmed with it all. Writing has always helped me sort out all of my thoughts and my life. With any ocean front I could write for hours upon days. If your a writer, you know what I mean when you find your moment, that special place, where you never run ou of things to say, things to document, to pick apart. That hour right after the days events before dinner where you generally find yourself relaxing a few minutes is key time to jot down your entire day.

I imagine a small house, maybe even a one room apartment somewhere spectacualr with the most amazing view where distractions are at the right moderate amount and you can sit at a desk by huge open windows with an old type-writer and tap away. This day has not come yet, so my office remains a mystery still, as I keep changing spots for writing. Change and novelty inspires me, comfort and repitition allows me to go bonkers.

Where do you like to write?


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