SAS: Quick Update

First and foremost, my sincerest apologies! Between the visits from Santa, the boxing week madness, and the toasting of champagne at midnight, I have found no time to just sit down and update you.

Christmas came quickly and abruptly. My favorite holiday that I begin preparing for the day after Halloween hoping to squeeze in every extra second had ended in the flash of an eye. In any event, the gifts received were extremely worthwhile and practical. I received the new Olympus camera, the water-proof, shock-proof, damage proof and basically combustible proof camera that will easily make Semester at Sea a much easier trip since I wont be constantly worrying about the condition of my now, indestructible and invincible camera lol!

I also got some basic new necessities, a book light/ head lamp so I wont be disturbing too many people as I ruffle through my bag at night in a crowded hostel room. A 35L Multi Day pack, for travelling in port! I love this thing more than life itself, I can’t wait to test it out. Also, a watch from Roots, thats waterproof up to 50m, and you can set two time zones. That way I will always know what time it is back home, as well as where ever I am. Check out Roots Watches, I got the RY2135.

I do feel quite prepared for Semester at Sea. However, I do need to get some packing in…
Wish me Luck!

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