Once again my posts have become sporadic! Hasn’t anyone else been feeling the pressures of the holidays and trying to be Merry? Christmas was and hopefully may still be my favorite holiday. The second Halloween was over, I began making an Itunes playlist for christmas music. Of course, my roommates weren’t too pleased, since most of them hate Christmas music and even the snow! Which is another thing, I love the snow and have yet to live through the “ideal White Christmas”.

This year will be my third Christmas at home in Canada, and quite possibly a very quiet one. I can’t help but feel that all the commercialization of it has ruined it. It’s all about presents now, and pretending you care about those that you haven’t seen all year, in a rush and frenzy to see them all in these few days right before the holidays. Maybe its all a fake? Just one really big phony! Yet, we do all get together with family, and we see those best friends that maybe moved away for school or work, those individuals who have travelled so far and so rural, that it was difficult to stay in touch. Christmas is one of those landmarks where people come home. The tree, the lights, presents and music may be the commercialized part, but they do add something special to the festivities. Then again, it wouldn’t be a party without the decorations, right?

So I shouldn’t be so bitter about the commercialization of it all, I should smile at the fact that I was able to spend a few precious moments with my best friends who I never get to see anymore because of distance. Tonight, on Christmas Eve I will celebrate with my family while we bicker over the table, and the children scream and yell, while too much wine is poured and some aspect of the meal goes wrong or gets burnt. It’s all in the fun, and it’s what the holidays are for.

Happy Holidays Everyone<3

One response to “HAPPY HOLIDAYS

  1. I have been flat out trying to keep up with the blogging scene over xmas there is just so many good blogs to read so I know how you feel.

    Christmas for me is and always will be about seeing old schools friends at the local town pub xmas eve followed by eating too much xmas day with the family. Then the few days after spent helping the family around the home.

    I normally have holidays until the new year so always find myself helping the family catch up on jobs around the house. This year I have mowed lawns, laid down water pipe, worked the garden, paved a path and all sorts of other outdoor adventures. Guess it goes hand in hand with growing up in a small country town.

    I’d never have it any other way. I love coming home for xmas, presents mean nothing its about the family being together and helping each other. I will miss it next year when I am in Europe for sure.

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