He is 60 now. Greying hair, and some-what yellowing teeth. From the outside my father looks like a normal man, just the average billy-joe of any day. However, my father is different. For as long as I’ve known him, his presence in my life has been sporadic; this is due to the fact that since the time of his early 20’s, my father has spent no more than two weeks in any giving country. He is always travelling.

It is speculated that he is the reason why this passion for travel has begun, but it could also be the fact that my mother spends half of her year travelling throughout India. Whatever it is, it got passed on to me, and travel has taken over my life, possibly more than any other twisted hobby.

Anyway, throughout his travels my father has learned the simplicities of life and wise lessons to live by.

My father always said: Chew with your mouth closed, and talk when your done chewing. Sounds simple enough, however, its incredible how many people actually don’t actually practice this simple method. It’s a really easy way to maintain and earn respect when dealing with business meets that are held over a meal, or not grossing away your new friends on travel trips when there is more food spraying out of your mouth then being digested.

My father always said: Go for a walk everyday. This is a man who will wake up in Italy, have a lunch meeting in Japan, breakfast in Taiwan and the next afternoon play’s golf in Canada. Jet lag never phases him, which is a miracle for a 60-year-old man whose internal clock has never once had the opportunity to adjust. He claims the remedy is a bit of daily excercise no matter how tired he is and a warm tea afterwards.

My father always said: Wear a scarf when you feel a tickle in your throat, take vitamin C when you start to sniffle, and lay down for the day even if your busy. Your body is the most important thing you posses. Without it, you wont be able to do half the things you dream off. So you must take care of it, especially when your travelling. Being sick or worn out is not an option, and my father understands that your body will and can hold you back if you don’t treat it fairly.

My father always said: If your bag is too heavy and needs to be checked, you don’t need it half the stuff in there. While travelling so often, my father hates waiting at the baggage claim, and claims it’s an extra hour of wasted time. If you’re a traveller, all you need is what fits on your back and what can fit in the over head compartment in aircrafts. If you’re a business man like my father, a small luggage should suffice with a brief case for your work.

My father always said: Family first. You may know this already, but I’m just making sure. They support you, and love you, and are the one’s who applaud you at every important landmark over come, and miss you when your travelling across the globe. Even though my father lives for the joys of travel, he know’s that half that joy is from being able to come home to a family with loving and embracing arms, who wait for him.

My father always said: Money is not everything, but without it you wont have happiness. Sad, but true. They say money can not buy happiness, but without money you could never buy those things that assist you in achieving happiness. Like that plane ticket to Santorini, Greece where you can ride a donkey through the town. Make sure you pick a job that pays you well, but never pick a job that does not make you happy. That would just be contradictory.

So thats my father in a nutshell. Those aren’t all of his lessons, there are hundreds, so you might just have to keep a look out for part 2.

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