I would like to present you with my sincerest apologies, for this week the posts will be a little bit sporadic as I am submersed with school work and exams. I promise, starting next week they will be coming on a more regular basis.

I spent the past weekend with my family, enjoying a few meals and laughs. What struck me most was my little nine-year old niece. She regularly sees me writing in my journal, as I jot down notes and thoughts every five minutes. So as a project, she started her very own journal. I was proud to see my influence on this little girl, as she sat there pondering little thoughts and wrote her first entry about her Nintendo Game Boy. What attracted my attention next was what she said, she held up an old-school sharpened pencil to her face and with her head resting on her hand said,

“As my thoughts grow, you shrink”

I was shocked, and yet mesmerized. What do you think about that little piece of philosophical knowledge? It’s almost depressing to note that as you grow as an individual, many things around you sieze to exist anymore. As a child you play with your toys, but once you’re a teenager, those toys find a dusty corner in the basement and are replaced with new motives. So as a traveller, constantly on the move, what shrinks is my social network back home. As I grow with experiences and travel opportunities, slowly but surely, all my relationships back home become threatened. Keeping those relationships afloat is a challenge, but is it worth the risk? Should loosing and missing out on special landmarks of your friends and family be the proper cost for travelling?

The answer varies between individuals, but for me the answer is yes. What ever friends and family are worth keeping in your life, are the ones that will be there when you come home. They will write to you, and update you on their lives, as they listen to what new adventures you go on. Who would want to surround themselves in a lifestyle with individuals who are not true to you? Rather than leaving your comfort zone, embarking on a journey and making so many new friends along the way! Of course, the choice is up to the individual, and not many are ready for the treacherous road that travel brings. Hopefully one day, everyone will find their proper niche.


On another note, I found this video, that made me smile… It is a promotional video for the Charity: Light Gives Heat, which sponsors the Suubi campaign. The woman of Uganda make these beautiful beaded necklaces and bracelets that they sell through the non-profit organization, and all the money goes directly back to the individual women.

Click here for the website:)

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