HANG: Instrument from Switzerland

I was in Piazza Navona in Rome when I first heard and saw the delicacy of one of these instruments. The Hang instrument, also commonly known as the Hang drum, due to its popularity within hand drummers is a harmonically tuned steel pan with 9 different tunes to hit, and a multitude of various hand combinations to make other sounds. The steel pan sits at 53 cm in diameter and 24 cm in height. It is a creation of PANart and a rare instrument to come across. If you have ever heard it, you will know that it’s charm is captivating, often leaving you wondering what the instrument is called, where to find one. As far as im concerned, the Hang is popular amongst ‘youthful hippies’ who play it in the ancient streets of Europe. If your curious about where and how to get one… keep reading.

 Feliz Rohner and Sabina Scharer invented the Hang in the year 2000, in Switzerland. Each Hang made, is numbered and signed by the inventors, so each piece is an original. In order to have your own Hang, the process is very tricky. Primarily you were able to contact the inventors directly through e-mail or their website, and the Hang would be shipped to your personally.

 Today, the process has gone through many altercations to the point where you must write a letter stating why you are requesting a Hang. If they see that your letter and request are sincere you are invited for a meeting to hand select your Hang. Even though most letters are attended too, it does not go by date. They are looking for specific credentials.

Patience is a virtue, especially because they are fully booked until 2010, however to write them a letter, the contact is as follows:

Fax +41 (0) 31 301 33 32.
PANArt Hangbau,
Engehaldenstr. 131,  Berne, Switzerland

Hangs usually run 1200 Euros if you buy them directly, however second-hand stores are not any cheaper, they are hard to come by and usually run up to about 8,000 dollars, with the highest bidder being 10,000 dollars!

Feel inspired yet? Play the Virtual Hang HERE, and you should also check out Davide Swarupe! He is amazing.

One response to “HANG: Instrument from Switzerland

  1. Hi, I am selling my second gen Hang #428 due to unfortunate circumstances that have imposed themselves upon my life. Considering my history with this community and this instrument, this is a very, very hard thing for me to do. It is also hard for me to try to get as high a price as I can. But unfortunately, I am not in a position to offer it otherwise. I am sorry. I am taking offers via my email : imagineyehandpan at yahoo dot com. More info can be found here : http://www.handpan.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=1052 When an agreement is reached, I will send my Hang to Kyle at Pantheon Steel to ensure it is in the very best shape it can be. As it is being sold for a profit, this hang will not be tuned by PANArt. But I have had experience and great faith in Kyle and am confident in his abilities. I only do this to ensure a happy Hang owner. I know of no other seller that has offered this assurance. This sale is not a fraudulent sale or scam. In consideration of my position on a popular online Hang forum, it would be foolish of me to offer anything but a legitimate sale.So please send only serious bids to imagineyehandpan @ yahoo dot com.

    Thank you! and good luck!-Danny – “Imagineye”

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