COUNTDOWN: Semester at Sea

Its December, and this means: MERRY EXCITEMENT! I should be doing some studying for exams right now, but feel the need to update you on a few things:)

The Countdown Begins:

The End of Exams: 11 days

I can not wait to be done with studying.

Christmas with the Family: 17 days

Which means: there is only 17 days left to go shopping for close friends and family, and to spread awareness of a holiday gift for children in Africa. Make sure you check it out, and spread the word.

NewYears: 23 days

FML, is the best way to describe it. I need to complete the rest of the goals I made for myself for the year of 2009 in 23 days! ie: loose the extra pounds. Hello Gym!

Semester at Sea: 37 days!WHOAH- just a little over a month away! So much to do!

* Make sure that you spread the word about about a Holiday Gift for children in Africa! and stay tuned for upcoming posts on packing, pre-departure frazzle, and an upcoming Video on ROME<3

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