A Christmas Wish: Will you help save the children!?

I have been contemplating on writing this post or not, more afraid of bad results and lack of support than any other reason. Regardless of a fear for failure, I will write it, because it deserves the acknowledgment and attention. It deserves a special place in our hearts, especially this Christmas. 

Christmas has always been a time of giving, for hope and love, it is a time we spend with our families, trying to make it as special as possible for the children in our families. This effort can and should go beyond our own efforts to help our children, we should give back to the world, and help the children who are less fortunate, who smile at the smallest gesture of kindness, who can and will live because of your donation. 


Help me raise money for the children of Kenya, who are suffering a mass shortage of food due to a devastating drought. “Nearly 3.8 Kenyans do not have enough food, and scarce rains threatens to destroy grain harvest and endanger more lives”. Due to government grants, our gift of donation will multiply  x9 and help the children of Kenya who will be given the chance to live past the age of age of five. 

The lack of food, does not only lead to starvation, but children are no longer getting an education.  They do not have the strength or energy to go to school,  and families are suffering by not being able to provide the proper attention or supplies for their children’s well-being. 

Imagine being a parent who can not even feed their own child, to watch him or her get thinner and sicker with each passing day. YOU are the answer, YOU can change that, YOU can give the support that these families need in order to sustain themselves! 

My goal is to raise $250 dollars this christmas to provide food and aid for the children in Kenya.

I understand, many of you probably are hesitant in giving money to me, a stranger to you, and I am aware that most of the donations will most likely come from family or close friends, but I do want to assure you that this is sincere. All the money received will go straight to WorldVision. Even if you still don’t feel comfortable, you can donate as little as a toonie, for every little bit counts. Another option is that you can take this message, and go HERE to donate yourself directly to World Vision. Give the gift of hope and life this Christmas. 


*I am currently having problems with the PayPal Donations button– Please email me: wheredidshegonow@gmail.com– or leave a comment if you are interested in donating. It should be up and running shortly*  



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