My video making skills are lacking, but I promise they will get better… This one was on rush order for the Blog.

As you know, (or I hope you know), I am leaving in less than 6 weeks! On my first real voyage around the world. I finally get a taste of what Asia looks like, and Africa. I’m not sure what im most excited for, either the trip itself or writing and blogging about it.

Please subscribe (on the right), and follow a twenty year old around the world for the first time. I will take you into the local culture, the distant nightlife, the student aspect and the social enviornment of being abroad with 700 college students, which on it’s own will be a culture shock.

95% of the college students that I am travelling with are American, so the perspective of the outside (being me, the Canadian) looking in, is enough to be considered reality. It will be my first time as an international student, and minority in most of the countries we visit.

Follow me, and live the experience with me:)

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