Countdown to Copenhagen! Quick view for dummies: Whats going down?

WHEN: December 7, 2009

WHERE: Copenhagen

WHO: Hundreds of the Top World Leaders

WHY: To Stop Climate Change


IN less than 48 hours, hundreds of the world top leaders will meet in Copenhagen, Denmark for a meeting that we can only assume will go down in history. The conference hopes to get the leaders together and brainstorm ways to actively reduce each countries carbon emissions and the popular discussion of money.

The goal is to lower the emissions by 25-40% in each country by 2020, with the ultimate goal, being half of what the carbon emissions were in 1990. Developing countries are meant to come up with their own “Action Plan” in order to cut their emissions, while China, being the largest emitter, has already commited to reducing its emissions by 40-45% before 2020.

Some leaders claim that if they knew where global warming and carbon emissions were heading, then it would not be an issue. If it was estimated that the global temperature will only raise by 2 or 3 degrees, that there would be no issue to discuss, but this remains a mystery, so they are getting together to work on reducing the carbon emissions and help our planets global temperature.

Wilfrid Laurier Global Studies department, professor Dr. Donais states that this conference will be a fancy way for the leaders to be exposed in good political light, and hypothetical solutions will be tossed around but the act of actually getting something done might not be plausible for our worlds current state. Then again, Dr. Donais’ view is a pessimistic one. Lets hope that the old saying of two heads are better than one, truly works in this situation.

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One response to “Countdown to Copenhagen! Quick view for dummies: Whats going down?

  1. The seas are already rising, lowest lying lands go first, for example, Tuvalu in the Pacific began evacuation about 2005. Global average temperature has already risen and predictions of the IPCC have already proven too conservative (see for example, United Nations Environment Program, Climate Change Compendium 2009, ). No nation’s leaders are even considering doing their share of mitigation. The Chinese and Indian people are huge emitters only because there are so many of them, per head of population they emitt a small fraction of what US or Australian people do. This is the biggest challenge of our times, perhaps the worst thing to happen to the world: if we do not respond appropriately.
    We need a groundswell of popular response to push our leaders to care for the environment on which all life on Earth depends rather than caring for mining and big business.

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