MOST ADDICTIVE GAME EVER: Comment your score!

Why not spiffen up on some of our travelling geography? You know all those itty bitty countries that we have a general idea of where they are, but could not pin point them on a map, like Tajikistan perhaps.

Sporcle provides addictive games that stimulate your mind and have actually been proven by studies that they improved overall entrance exams into secondary education facilities.

You don’t believe me? Test it out yourself! Click here.

The one that got me the most, was trying to name all the countries in the world, 192 countries according to the UN in addition to three well-known nations. My score was 120 out of 195 without studying a world map before hand quickly. What is yours? Comment your answer! (and be honest).

Why not waste your time in a productive mind stimulating environment that really is addictive!

One response to “MOST ADDICTIVE GAME EVER: Comment your score!

  1. Well, this is the first time I have seen th infamous blog of Elena! Its great! Anywho, to answer your question, I was able to name 103 :).. With the help of Affan lol

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