Peter Lik: My Favorite Travel Photographer

Peter Lik, a self-taught photographer born and raised in Cairns, Australia. He is the most rewarded photographer in history, and to this day is a leader in the division of fine art photography. Concentrating solely on the natural aspects of the world, he began his photography on the landscapes of Australia and soon spread his work world wide.

I first discovered Peter Lik in one of his galleries in South Beach, Miami. All of galleries allow the viewer to indulge in a heightened natural world of exotic flavours complemented with rustic furniture.

Peter Lik quotes on his website: “I am certain that at times the land knows I am there

and I am greatly affected by that knowledge and connection”.


You can view his website here to view his full gallery of moving pieces. Below are just a few to inspire you!


4 responses to “Peter Lik: My Favorite Travel Photographer

  1. You have a great gift, love your spirt, your flare, and all your photography. Let me know if you accept people to tag along and watch to learn !

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