An Unexpected Trip?

Alright… let’s just try and compose ourselves before I have a panic attack and scream of excitement. I just received word, that a new potential trip might be happening next summer… 3 weeks after my return from Semester at Sea. (I know! It seems so soon after). Honestly, I shouldn’t even be travelling for at least a few months after that trip to try and soak it all in… but instead my mumzie dearest just called me with the news… check this out: I was invited to go to an Ashram in India!

Okay, okay, okay… How you may ask? or perhaps even why was I even invited? Well I’ll tell you… It begins with my mother. She is a very spiritual woman who spends anywhere from one month to six months per year in India at this ashram with her Guru. Consequently, a strong relationship formed between my mother and her Guru; he even comes and spends a few weeks at our home during the summer months. Personally, I have never been overly intrigued to participate in this movement, or perhaps I’m just not ready yet, but in any event, her Guru announced that they would be taking a spiritual retreat in the month of June in the Himalayas of India! immediately my attention was grabbed.

Her Guru suggested, and then insisted along with his personal followers that I join them on this retreat. So for the month of June 2010, there is a large possibility that I may be spending it on a spiritual retreat in the Himalayas. What better way to get in touch with your inner self than to be in the most sacred and spiritual place on this Earth, and to share this with one of the most influential people of my life, whom I consider my best friend more than anything, my mother.

I’ll keep you posted on updates as my travel planning progresses and then becomes reality!

4 responses to “An Unexpected Trip?

  1. I have been to one and I can say with experience; it just takes your breath away. I hope you get to trek up to the origin of the Ganges river. I was able to to do that trek some years ago and was amazed. My next plan is to go to Leh and Ladhak :).

      • I have been once to the origin og the Ganges river. Its called Gaumukh or Gomukh. One can see the glacier melting into a river. I had visited it a few years ago. Unfortunately I have no pictures of the visit. As for the plans for Leh and Ladhak, I think it will have to be planned well before I go about my adventure. Maybe next year though can’t confirm it.

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