Video Memoirs: Prague, Czech Republic

 Oh hello, didn’t see you there. Anyway, this is my first video:) Whooooo mee:) Prague, Czech Republic and a neighbouring city, Pardubice. I was there this past August with my dear friend, and photographer Christine Novak. Some of the photography is done by her, and some by your’s truly. It’s a bit blurry at first but the ending is perfect so if you have any tips of how to fix it, I WILL GLADLY ACCEPT THEM. Otherwise, not saying this video is very informative, but if you wanted to get to know me a little bit better, to understand the beautiful culture of the Czech Republic, and to get a small taste of what I would say is perhaps one of the craziest party cities in Europe… Then this video is for you:) Enjoy!

P.S. BEWARE OF OBSCENE BRITISH BOYS… Ladies you will enjoy this more than the men:)

I will answer any questions regarding the touristic attractions, the history, the nightlife- touristy and locally, as well as where to find the best beer:) Even Toronto Star agree’s on that one!

Happy Travels

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