A Run in with Yellow Fever Vaccinations…

Holy Shat… and yes I did say SHAT instead of shit, because I feel like the world SHAT is very interchangeable and stresses how important this next statement will be. Are you ready?

I got three vaccines today. Oh yes I did, and they were not fun. Of course, the regular shots and immunizations are just a quick pinch on the arm, a few minutes of light headedness and then your off. Oh that’s what you think! Untill 4-10 days later where your crouching up in the fetal position dying of nausea and shakiness. Well, I got the Yellow Fever vaccination today, which is a requirement for Ghana, Africa; Ill be there in April. It was the third and last needle of today, (oh yeah,I’m going back next week for more), and I figured after the first two I was fine. I actually felt quite confident that the worst part was over. The worst part being the first stupid prick of the arm of course! You know, I always tell myself… Elena, if you can endure tattoos, then hells yeah you can deal with one little prick. I try to toughen up a little bit mentally you know? Well, there comes the third needle, naturally in the same arm which is slightly irritated– poor arm. The next moments went as following:

Nurse: Well here’s the last one…

Me: *Meh, I got this*

Nurse: It’s going to sting a little bit more than the other ones…

Me:* Phsh! The other ones were nothin–*needle enters arm* HOLY SWEET MOTHER OF DIME!

Nurse: All done!

Yeah, I may be a bit of wimp, but that needle felt like it was searing my arm off! The throbbing commenced, the slight shock of pain began, and hey, there goes my vision– getting all blurry! Needless to say, the nurse made me lay down in the next room for another half an hour, she was sure I was a goner!

Luckily for me, I pulled through! I am quite the little champ sometimes, (haha.. not really). When the nurse finally allowed me to leave, she added in a quick, “See you next week for the next three!”…. I hate that woman.

Now im nervous for the 4-10 days mark, where I will see if all those CRAZY SIDE EFFECTS will hit me… Oh yeah, did you know there’s a chance Yellow Fever can cause organ failure? or paralysis! Yeah, fun stuff huh!? The nurse guaranteed I was going to get sick in 4-10 days when the “FEVER STRIKES”, (her words, not mine). She’s a charming woman… really… *sarcasm*.

Cheers! Hope fellow SASers and Travellers are having more fun with this vaccinations than I am!



One response to “A Run in with Yellow Fever Vaccinations…

  1. Elena!!! I had the same exact vaccine. But the nurse didnt WARN me of the side effects, all i know is that 4-10 days later I was in pain :( not to mention brusies on my arms

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