My Home Town: Woodbridge, Toronto

Hello everyone, so I spent the weekend at home visiting with my mumzie and taking a really nice break away from school. Anyway, as I was doing my favorite hobby: Reading the Travel Section in Saturday’s paper in my P.J.’s when I read a very interesting fact.

The top 10 Travel destinations of the 4,000 surveyed on Travelocity from the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) are the following:

1.) Miami

2.) New York

3.) Las VegasUnited States Top 9?

4.) Fort Lauderdale

5.) Orlando

6.) London

7.) Tampa

8.) Honolulu

9.) Chicago

10.) Boston

Now what’s most surprising is that 9 destinations on the list are all in our neighbouring country, the United States, and four of them alone are in Florida!

How original could my society be? I don’t mean to criticize, but I might just a little bit… Really friends? All we want to do is go into the country right next door and spend our holidays in westernized cities. Which i’m not saying aren’t beautiful, because i’ve been to five of those listed, but with such a long christmas break so many people could utilize that time more wisely! Go out and Travel! GO GET EXPERIENCES! and learn something new, so that when you go home you will not only appreciate everything you have so much more, but you will feel a little bit more connected to the global perspective.

United KingdomThis list made me think of what the Top 10 destinations would be for other countries. In my travels I have encountered a vast majority of travellers, but the larger populations I have seen have been the Japanese, who as you all know have an incredible gift for BEING EVERY WHERE. How they do it, is quite a mystery. (The day I see flocks of Canadians around the world will be an unforgettable moment), and then there are the British, citizens of the UK, who surprised me. When I was in Australia, I encountered more british than actual Australians. The entire Eastern Coast of Australia was swarming with British travellers and inhabitants. Don’t misunderstand me, I AM NOT COMPLAINING, who could resist their accents!?

Regardless, it got me thinking what their Top 10 destinations are and how they too manage to be everywhere we travel…

so until the next post:)

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