The Ideal 9-5 Job? Not for Travellers!

Last month, a friend and I decided to attend a career fair. She was graduating and was interested in looking for careers Job Search that sparked her interest. She is a kinesiology major and a ‘travelling hippie’, just like myself. I was simply curious to see what type of professions there were that dealt with tourism and/or travelling that incorporated writing. Both of us were excited and anxious to see a convention full of new and exciting professions that lifted our spirits. unfortunately, that was not the case.

We both left without a single pamphlet or leaflet of any career opportunity that sparked our interest. Each company there was a corporate 9-5 job, where you sit behind a desk and your only excitement meant the annual christmas party in late November.

Why is our society so programmed to believe this is what life is supposed to look like? This traditional life style, of growing up, getting a standard education to get a higher education which we are led to believe leads us to a high paying job with a side order or miserable? I OBJECT.

Money should not be the only thing we look forward too in our lifetime. This guessing game of whose salary is larger between friends is a sure recipe for unhappiness! At the end of the day shouldn’t one go to bed happy and excited for the next day at work, regardless of what it is?

In Front of the Pantheon, RomePersonally, I would love a job that allows me to wake up in the amazon one morning, or in a tent somewhere in the dessert. A job that allows me to be a nomad, to explore our wonderful earth one step at a time and then tell the rest of the corporate world what they are missing out on. While ‘they’ wear a tie, I would like to wear the same dirt eroded t-shirt as yesterday, and spend my day doing something humanitarian.



So thank you fellow travelers for helping me realize that I am not cut out for the corporate world.

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