A New Peace Symbol?

PeaceThe peace sign was originally designed to be a symbol for the letters ‘N’ and ‘D’, standing for Nuclear Disarment, shortly after it was used as the symbol for the Campaign of Nuclear Disarment (CND).

Post Cold War, there were 70,000 nuclear weapons, and today their only remains 20,000. The founder of Lonely Planet, Tony Wheeler, claims this is still too many, but it is an improvement.

So, bebo.com set out to find the symbol for peace. There was a contest, in which hundreds of applicants entered their idea of what the new peace symbol should look like.

Congratulations to Dave Duffy, a 26 year old from Ireland, UK who claims peace to him is “compassion and tolerance of different people, and consideration for the future, not just for our selfish present”.

As a winner, Duffy gets a free trip to Washington, DC to sit in on the Global Symposium of Peaceful Nations.The New Peace Symbol

In honour of Peace Week, Vision of Humanity released its ‘Global Peace Index’ ranking 144 countries in order of how peaceful they are. In first place, lies New Zealand taking over the spot of Iceland. Top five also include: Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Austria.

Canada is at a whooping number eight, while the United States of America is in eighty-third.

The bottom five include: Sudan, Israel, Somalia, Afghanistan, and in last is Iraq.

One response to “A New Peace Symbol?

  1. Thanks for mentioning my design for the peace symbol! Delighted to see an interest. I was just googling it to see if it had been uploaded to the vision of Humanity site yet and came across your blog! Enjoy your travels


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