The Itching Scratch of Patience…

The countdown to the day of departure for Semester at Sea has begun. In less than 90 ninety days I will be saying good bye to the current life I lead, the way I view it, the way I live it and  accept a new transformation. I will change and become someone completly and entirely different. Maybe more mature, maybe more cultured? Hopefully less arogant,  but frankly it come down to one thing… I’m scared shitless.

But until that day comes, I am forced to remain here in the cold of Canada and gather up my tools. Its time to prepare.


Yesterday, I spent a grueling afternoon at the passport office. Why they don’t have a more equipped and convenient method is beyond me! You just sit there for hours, while some 4 foot 6 security guard starts yelling at you for falling asleep in an government office. Either way, I got my pass port renewed. This is not mentioning how my picture makes me look like im cross eyed. fml.


Next will be the multitude of visas I have to get!  One for china, one for India, then Ghana, and Brazil. Atleast Semester at Sea takes care of the Visa for Vietnam. The issue is that I have to get this one visa that is only valid for three months starting from the date of issue. So… It will expire before I even get to Ghana! I need to figure that out. fml.


And finally, the vaccinations. The voluntary action of allowing some man in a white lab coat to poke me with over 4 needles. Not even baby needles anymore, this is the true test of adulthood. Im actually dreading it more than anything. A numb arm followed by mini flu encounters. Not my piece of cake.

Wish me luck:)

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