Its almost 2 AM and my insides are fluttering with anticipation. Sleep is no longer an option when all I can dream about in my sleep and waking life is the opportunity of travel and the immense amount of knowledge, experiences and memories I will soon endure abroad Semester at Sea.

In January I say goodbye to all my friends, to all my family, my mother and best friends especially who I actually talk to everyday! Its going to be the biggest struggle not being able to pick up my phone and call them when ever I want, but I also know that the farther I keep home out of my thoughts the more open I will be to all those new experiences.

Now… the vicious rat race begins, the race of time to complete all my forms, get all my crazy vaccinations, buy those last needed supplies (ie: motion sickness pills :s) and pack my entire life into 2 suitcases! How will this all happen? I guess we will see through the ‘Pre-Departure’ posts!

Yours Truly,

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