It begins now…

Every year, there is an annual trip. The “standard American Vacation” of a maximum two weeks. It consists of lounging on a beach in an all-inclusive resort where the drinks are free and you can waste away the day, or a european get away in five star hotels where your linens are pressed and your bed is turned down while you’re enjoying an expenisve dinner a la carte.

But for me and everyone else like me, we don’t just vacation, we TRAVEL! A seven dollar hostel is our luxury, and if were lucky we consider sleeping in a tent on a Malaysian mountain top the ultimate accommodation. We only shower when available, we eat what ever is the most foreign to us so we can understand that culture better. We accept hand gestures and smiles as a universal language and are not intimidated when we have no idea where we are, where were going, or how we will get there. Travel for us is an adventure that out lives the standard American vacation of two weeks, it becomes a never ending process through out our lives. We spend every waking moment thinking about it, and anticipating the next moment where we can leave home again and embark on another foreign adventure.

Love is universal, Knowledge is universal, Kindness is universal and I want to know what not only makes us similar but what also makes us so different.

Join me in my adventures.

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